On moms.

May 30, 2013 § Leave a comment

So I’ve had a brief stint of motherhood. My neighbors jetted to Greece to cruise around the islands and asked if I wanted to watch their 11-year-old son while they were gone. Along with the son, I’ve been taking care of their three cats, one dog, one giant lizard and one frog.

I don’t know if it’s concerning or comforting how quickly I’ve adapted to my new role. I caught myself dressing up for Costco the other day and realized that I was turning into a temporary housewife. As I was trying to get my limited-time-only son to bed last night, he was trying to buy just 4 more minutes, just 2 more minutes, just 1 more minute out of me, and I found myself completely annoyed by the fact that he wouldn’t just go to BED. But then, I asked myself, why the h&*$¬†am I getting to upset about this?! So I said alright and within 2 minutes he said “I’m sorry, thank you,” and went right up to bed. I guess the trick is sometimes letting go of the small things. Really, I just wanted to go to bed.

It’s been an entertaining week. When I brought him home a big cup of chocolate frozen yogurt with brownies, cookie dough and Reese’s, I’ve never seen a smile so big.


Flower Power.

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Flower Power.


On a baby’s cry.

March 5, 2013 § Leave a comment

The sound of a crying baby is one of the most heart-breaking sounds to hear. Along with the sound comes the tomato-red face and bunched up noise, wide-open drooling mouth, squinty eyes and those salty tears running down their chubby cheeks. One look at their helplessness and all you want to do is comfort them; but when you can’t, it’s an awful feeling of inadequacy. But then that moment when you’ve calmed them down — whether you’ve picked them up, made a funny face or monkey noise, thrown them high up in the air or tickled their tummies — is as satisfying as an ice-cold glass of water after a 6-mile run.

Meet my 3 days-per-week baby.

February 20, 2013 § Leave a comment

Meet my 3-day a week baby, Ingrid

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