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Went to Hundred Acres for dinner last night. Market driven restaurants may be more the norm than the exception these days, but that doesn’t make them any less admirable. The hushpuppies were divine, the wine delectable, the jambalaya delicious — but the brioche bread pudding and the peanut butter pie were beyond.

Food is one of my favorite things about New York City. Have you been to the Doughnut Plant or Clinton Street Baking Company? Those blueberry pancakes! How about Jane or The Smith? Or Saxon + Parole or Cafe Cluny? My favorite neighborhood spot Ruay Thai’s pad see yew keeps me and my roommate coming back ordering in far more often than we care to admit.


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this baby’s coming off tomorrow — praise jesus, mary and joseph

On excuses.

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New job.
Yearning for CA.
Foot injury.
And the list goes on.

The time flew, the winter never (still hasn’t) stopped, a fog swallowed my spirits — but time never stopped. It’s been 6 months, but I’m back.


Pumpkin spice and everything nice.

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I think I was a pumpkin in a previous life. All week, I dreamt of making pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes over the weekend and drizzling dousing them in local maple syrup from my apple-picking and cider doughnut-eating Connecticut excursion. When Saturday morning leisurely passed and Sunday morning flew by like a red-hot fire engine, I panicked that my window for anything pumpkin had closed. Walking home from my routine Sunday run in Central Park, I told my mom of my weeklong pumpkin dreams. I couldn’t believe it was 2pm and I missed both weekend brunch opportunities! Mom suggested pumpkin pancakes for dinner. And so I walked home, bought baking powder and pumpkin puree, continued down second avenue, took a hot shower and made pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes for dinner.

California sunset.

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California sunset.

On introverts or extroverts.

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I would argue most people would classify me as an extrovert, upon first impression. I like people. I don’t tense up around new people. I can carry a conversation with most anyone. I enjoy learning about people’s lives and finding common ground, whether it be shared experiences or shared beliefs or a mutual understanding of the human condition. I’m a social person by nature.

But not always. Today I went to the beach by myself. I’ve been reading about introverts and extroverts and from what I can tell, an extrovert wouldn’t enjoy going to the beach alone. Does a true extrovert constantly need to be surrounded by people? Because let’s face it, I love being alone. My day at the beach was delightful. I spread my towel, read my book and dove under the waves and savored the salty sweetness. I watched the dolphins and day-dreamt.

Spending time alone forces you to get to know yourself. What decisions do you make when it’s all up to you? Introvert or extrovert, I don’t know, but my solitary day at the beach was blissful.

Captured Moments from LA to Denver Road Trip

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