On spring.

April 26, 2014 § Leave a comment

What’re your thoughts on spring? Growing up in California, I didn’t think much in terms of seasons. It was either the school year or summer. Shoes or barefoot. Schedule or freedom. Boredom or adventure. But whenever anyone asked me what my favorite and least favorite seasons were, I always said summer and spring, respectively. Reasons of why I chose summer as my favorite are obvious. But spring, spring marked the final quarter of the school year when all you wanted was it to be over. Those hours of homework would soon cease to exist and that 6am alarm clock would soon be a distant memory. March was always the worst. It seemed to go on forever and there were never any days off to look forward to.

But after moving away from California, the first sign of a blooming flower could make me cry. It means the Vitamin-D absent months will soon be over. It means there’s a God — summer exists! But that’s exactly it, when spring arrives, what makes me happy is knowing that summer is right around the corner. I still don’t love spring, and March is still my least favorite month — for reasons now having to do with winter.never.ending — but I appreciate it more. I understand why some people love spring, the season that picks you up after a long cold winter.


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