On introverts or extroverts.

August 9, 2013 § Leave a comment

I would argue most people would classify me as an extrovert, upon first impression. I like people. I don’t tense up around new people. I can carry a conversation with most anyone. I enjoy learning about people’s lives and finding common ground, whether it be shared experiences or shared beliefs or a mutual understanding of the human condition. I’m a social person by nature.

But not always. Today I went to the beach by myself. I’ve been reading about introverts and extroverts and from what I can tell, an extrovert wouldn’t enjoy going to the beach alone. Does a true extrovert constantly need to be surrounded by people? Because let’s face it, I love being alone. My day at the beach was delightful. I spread my towel, read my book and dove under the waves and savored the salty sweetness. I watched the dolphins and day-dreamt.

Spending time alone forces you to get to know yourself. What decisions do you make when it’s all up to you? Introvert or extrovert, I don’t know, but my solitary day at the beach was blissful.


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