On a moment.

April 30, 2013 § Leave a comment

Once, when I was young, sometime before high school, or maybe even middle school, my dad and I arrived to my brother’s baseball, or soccer, game early. The details don’t really matter. As my dad and I were climbing up the bleachers, an old man, who appeared to be a player’s grandpa, was slowly climbing down the bleachers with some difficulty. My dad offered his arm for support and as the older man man took his arm, he looked at both of us with a smirk and a look of sadness and said “Man, it’s hell getting old.”

This moment, that lasted no more than 30 seconds, has stuck with me. I remember this day, the humid summer air, the smell of fresh cut grass and the glare of the sun as vividly as I remember yesterday’s rain. I oftentimes wonder why I can’t seem to forget this moment. Maybe one day it will all come together, but in the mean time, I’ll always remember, “It’s hell getting old.”


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