Adele, oh how I love thee.

March 1, 2013 § Leave a comment

Have you ever noticed that people often say, “Adele has such a beautiful face,” instead of, “Adele is beautiful.” Maybe the difference is slight or maybe others don’t notice it, but it exists. Adele is stunning. Her bone structure, those sparkling oceanic eyes, that head of hair and of course the lips, but what about the rest of her?

Rambling on and on about the standard of beauty and all of its faults is a hot topic of conversation that can seem as old and used as a 1991 Ford Explorer, but unlike that beat-up and rusty car, this topic of conversation is still relevant. Healthy is beautiful and over-weight is seen as unhealthy and thus not beautiful, but maybe healthy shouldn’t be attached to “skinny.” Skinny can be as unhealthy as over-weight can be. Adele’s definitely not skinny, but really, who cares? We shouldn’t assume that just because she’s not a size 2, 6, or 8, she’s a gluttonously unhealthy individual. Maybe she’s healthy, maybe she likes her curves, and maybe she just doesn’t care what anyone thinks. But people, start standing up for her beauty!


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